Lalumi Travels Maldives

Lalumi Travels is a travel agency owned and managed by Lalumi Holdings Pvt Ltd, which is registered with both the Ministry of Trade and Economic Development and Ministry of Tourism of Maldives for providing comprehensive services for groups, and individuals, to and from the Maldives.

We assure our clients a simple, convenient and enjoyable vacation. Your satisfaction is our concern. We are highly professional, and pride ourselves on being a friendly team that works with integrity and are much respected within our field, and close network of associates. This for our clients means a well-planned trip to the beautiful Maldives where needs are met and experience is paramount.

Our Experience

Founded in January 2014, Lalumi Travels offers its clients the best in relation to tourism in the Maldives. Though the company is young, our experience as individuals who have served the industry for more than ten years is valuable, adding value to what we do by giving us a greater understanding, and heightened appreciation for the needs of our clients. Over this period we have developed strong relationships with world-renowned travel partners, securing unprecedented privilege within the industry.


Incorporated with Ministry of Tourism, under the prevailing Maldives Tourism Act (Law No.2/99), our commitment and honor to every booking made with us ensures client satisfaction and protection throughout ones stay in the Maldives.

Dedicated Services

It is within our best interest that travellers who book with us our educated and informed about the Maldives, its nationals, and its luxury tourism industry. Our dedicated and well-trained staff will ensure you explore the best out of what Maldives has to offer.

We offer

Tour Operator Representation
Handling Frequent Travel
Group Tours
Live aboard Packages
Handling VIPS
Special Interest Tours