$15+up RIDESHARE - Are you ever in need of some extra gas money?... Are you ever stuck in London or the rez with no way back? Thirsty for a cup of coffee, tea or anything else?

Rides to the mall, grocery store, hardware store, school, even to longhouse or ceremony, if you're driving to the sates or to Toronto or Windsor and just want some company why not post here? All other destinations like round dances and socials, protests and pow-wows are also awesome!

Ideal locations to meet riders/drivers would have free wifi and a comfortable sitting area to wait while being a customer of these locations we ask you to be respectful of their business and fellow patrons while waiting and purchase something as to avoid any reasons for them to ask you to leave.

Recommendation of a required MINIMUM $10 donation to the gas tank per trip AND a refreshing beverage/snack for the driver.

Great meeting places are: Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Target, Wal-mart, Canadian Tire, malls like WHITE OAKS, WESTMOUNT, ARGYLE, MASONVILLE, HYDE PARK, DOWNTOWN and nearly anywhere on the Rez.

Rules for riding/driving:

#1 Safety is top priority, by volunteering to ride with someone or drive someone is it the right of both the passenger and driver to feel safe upon entering or exiting the vehicle and refusal is acceptable at any point prior to entering the vehicle. Upon request each individual has the right to ask to be provided with information of the persons or vehicle, be that Identification, documentation

#2 Health is another concern we do not support or condone smoking in vehicles please be respectful of your driver/rider by refraining from smoking unless otherwise agreed upon prior

#3 BE ON TIME - we are not making money from this we are merely trying to volunteer our time to get you closer to your destination

#4 Have an established method of communication and be patient. Texting is ideal as it costs very little and can be replied to when time permits we do not endorse texting while driving so drivers please text when it is safe to doso

#5 Donations of anything of value are accepted to drivers for maintenance of the vehicle or to businesses on the reserve willing to allow their venues as a meeting place.

We do not guarantee that you find someone through this group to ride with and we recommend you exchange cell numbers to text each other so that if you do have to cancel the other is not kept waiting, please plan at least 90 mins in advance if you decide to meet anyone from this group.

Please practice your best behavior and be aware that we encourage people to post their experiences good and bad on the group wall We hope you find someone to ride with who enjoys your company and conversation travel safe

Rules are subject to change based on concerns of ridership/drivers recommendations. Any and all suggestions welcome, be safe and only ride with people when you feel safe to do so, and smudging your vehicle doesn't hurt either