Lebanese Moms in CANADA

LMC was created in FEB 2012 with the objective of gathering Lebanese moms living in Canada to support each other through the exchange of ideas , resources, personal experiences and others to help integrate in the new societies and establish new friends. If you are a new comer to Canada or an old one and whether a working mom or a housewife, we welcome you to join our group and would love to hear from you of your experiences and ideas. There is no limit to the subjects, whether yummy recipes, or fashion advices, the only exceptions are
1- politics
2- religion
we aim to keep LMC a fun place so in order to do that
3 - all postings and advertisements should go through the admin to safeguard the integrity of LMC and avoid any conflic.
it is with your support that LMC has been growing so fast so you are all welcomed to be a member of our family.
best regards
The comments and remarques of the members of this group don not represent in anyways the opinion of LMC group and all his team .
We do not hold ourselves responsable for the personal opinions manifested on our wall.