Legends of Haitian Music

For everyone who loves music
Pour tous ceux qui aime la musique

We pay homage to some of Haiti's most talented musicians and bands that led Haiti's cultural and artistic contributions to the world.
We examine the "Golden Years" of Haitian music from the 40's, 50’s 60’s, and 70’s, to the superb Retro Artist of today. We give tribute to the "Konpa Nouvelle Generation" hits of the 80's 90's, 2000+, Mini-jazz, Affranchi, Kontradans, Cadence rampa, Konpa dirèk, Compas (konpa) the Haitian Jazz Movement to the Contemporary Jazz Artist of today, Vodu Jazz, Folklore Music, Roots music/Mizik Rasin, Cadence-lypso, World Beat and all the various Afro-drum Rhythms that come from Haiti, Twoubadou, Rara, Latin Style Konpa, Méringue, Bolero, les chansons d'amour/Love songs, Chants D'Esperance, Haitian Gospel Music, Haitian Gospel Jazz, Classical Music, Zouk/zouk-love, Kizomba, Coladeira, Haitian Funk, Haitian rock, We also Pay Homage to the non- Haitian people who have performed with legendary Haitian Bands or have been influenced by the richness and diversity of the music of Haiti.