Let's be GMO free

This group is about letting everyone know what GMO's are and how... they effect our lives, our bodies health and that of all our friends, relatives and especially our children who do not know any better:) Also extremely important to all of us I hope is eating Organically. There are many issues regarding other items that are not good for us. We could go on an on. So let's keep this group specifically about GMO's and health issues. We especially want to say that in NO WAY is this group a medical advice group. We disclaim any medical advice given by anyone in this group. We will not agree with the advice given on medical issues and do not honor the posts regarding medical advice. We do however want you to feel free to ask questions regarding natural, homeopathic ways to improve any health issues. We do have certified nutritionists on this site who may want to help. Still what advice is given is purely their opinion on this and the Group does not say Yay or nay to the advice.