Liverpool FC Fans Nigeria

Founded: 15 March 1892 (Group June 2011)

Location: Nigeria

Members: Liverpool FC Nigerian Fans

About: Welcome to the Liverpool FC Fans Nigeria Group!
Our mission is to promote LFC and expand our global family.
You’ll Never Walk Alone!

Company Overview:
Home to Liverpool FC Fans in Nigeria and those visiting the area. Up to date news and reviews for die hard LFC Fans. You can post statuses about what you think about our club like, performances, what you think about individual and/or squad players, administrators, etc…YNWA Nigerians


League Champions (18)
European Cup Winners (5)
FA Cup Winners (7)
League Cup Winners (8)
UEFA Cup Winners (3)

"A lot of football success is in the mind. You must believe you are the best and then make sure that you are."

Let the Spirit of Shankly live on!

This is a non-commercial group, with all prizes and promotions self financed by us. We run the group completely independent of any individual group or body.

To promote Liverpool Football Club globally and offer visitors to NG a place to catch-up with local fans and to bring us together.


1. We will not tolerate any form of rude language, racism or unsocial behavior towards each other here, doing this your post will be edited to suit a manner we see fit and you will be notified with a warning.

2. Advertisement/Anti-Political / Religious Topics, Posts, Threads or Comments inside or outside of LIVERPOOL FC related topics are not permitted. As moderators we have seen that such discussions always end up with people being hurt or insulted. On doing this your post(s)/Comment(s) will be immediately deleted and you may be notified, continue with this and you will be BANNED.

3. Posting of links to other groups are not permitted.

4. Do not post links to sites which have adds, links or content that may be unsafe for children.

5 Sexually explicit language is not allowed here

6. Remarks that disparage or ridicule other people is not allowed here.

8. Any form of pornographic Picture, Video or Multimedia is not allowed here.

Thank you for your understanding. We know that we all want Liverpool Fc Fans Nigeria to be a comfortable place for we Fans with a good quality forum in which we can share our thoughts and learn from each other about our Wonderful Football Club.

We reserve the right to update and amend these rules and regulations as it is deemed necessary or appropriate to do so without Warning. Please check back often to be appraised of any changes.