LuLaRoe with Amanda Dufour- N. Central Mass

What is Lularoe?
• LuLaRoe is a fashion brand that specializes i...n women's skirts, dresses and leggings! Lularoe is an exclusive clothing line available at pop-up boutiques by consultants all over the USA.

How do I purchase the Lularoe items?
• You can host a pop-up boutique in your area. Items at your pop-up are available for purchase at that time. Consultants have anywhere from 350-600 items at each pop-up.
• You can purchase online here in my Facebook group during flash sales.

Why are the Lularoe items I want not available online or I can’t find them at a pop-up boutique?
• We have a HUGE selection of textiles, which is amazing because it means that your not going to find everyone wearing the same item you bought. On the flip side, sometimes that means you won’t be able to find an exact item. But with new things constantly coming in, you can guarantee you will find something you love just as much, if not more.

How would you best describe the Lularoe style?
• Our style is similar to a cross between Anthropologie and Madewell. Yet we have such a huge variety that we are able to appeal to all women and are reasonably priced.

How do I become a Lularoe consultant?
• To receive more information, message me :)

What does Lularoe stand for?
• The founders granddaughters; Lucy, Layla, and Monroe.