Indian Music Arts and Dance

Dear All,
Welcome to Indian Music, Arts and Dance group. Let us begin our journey to explore the richness of Indian Music, Arts and Dance through our culture, traditions and heritage. You can add your friends to this group, there by we can build a great Community of Indian Artists and Artists abroad who are promoting our rich culture, traditions and heritage...
Rules for this group :
1. This group is only for Indian Music, Arts and Dance.
2. Postings should be on Indian Music Arts and Dance, Theater, Entertainment, Culture, Traditions and Heritage.
3. Any Other posts other than the above said category may not be posted.
4. A user can post any number of posts
5, Its not a forum to insult any artists in this group, kindly avoid that kind of postings, which will lead to permanent deletion of that member.
6. Please do not use this group as a media for unhealthy competitions, its a humble request.
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