Maricopa Buy-Sell-Trade

I must be able to see where you are or you won't get in, PM an Admin if you need to. I want to thank everyone so far that has joined and hope we can get up to large numbers fast. I want to make this site about your needs, not mine and hope that everyone can work together to make the site great. I hope everyone who is here to sell makes some profit and the ones here to buy can find a great deal. I think it important that we have good seller and good buyer both need each other to survive.

I don’t want a lot of rules but I feel some are important.

1. You don’t have to live in Maricopa but you have to be willing to deliver any item you list to Maricopa, otherwise your item may be deleted. If you live in Maricopa you do not need to deliver item, pick up or meeting people is fine.
2. Do not Block the Admins; this will result in you being deleted.
3. I won’t ask adults to act like adults I know this is impossible for some, I just ask that we treat each other with some amount of respect.
4. Any inappropriate post will be deleted.
5. Only bump items twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Do not keep bumping item if people are looking for it they will find it.
6. Have fun and make or spend some money.