Migori County

To bring together professionals, businessmen, politicians and well-wishers’ in a round table discussion on the future of Migori.
Under the devolved system of government, key administrative and governance issues will be controlled and managed at the county level. There is dire need to challenge ourselves as a region to identify and harvest from the pool of existing professionals to drive Migori County to prosperity.
Do not leave your future in the hands of politicians, do not let an outside hand meddle in our affairs and do no fear to challenge the status quo. You are the future of this county. We are a diverse county, made of the indigenous communities and immigrants settlers attracted to our rich heritage, our glowing natural resources and hospitality.
Migori is a rich farmland, the home of Sony Sugar, BAT and Mastermind have made home here, while Mihuru bay is a rich fish Harbor, known to feed Kenya and the EU.
If managed well, our county will become a shining model to the other regions.