Narraweena Public School Students of 1950's -1960's

For all students who went to Narraweena Public School in the 1950's 1960's and early 1970's. This Site was created in 2010 by Judy Bester- Bulger and inspired by the reunion work of her 6th Classmates from 1967 Doug McLeod, Megan Little, Greg Foy, Lynne Corke, Geoff Taylor and John Fabiszewski who began looking for former Students of Narraweena 2010. Feel free to add some of your memories and photos. We would all like to hear from you.
CLICK ON 'Files' and then 'List of Class Photos Available' to see if your classes are here - we have 73% of all class photos up to Year of 1974.
CLICK ON ‘Photos’ in the top menu bar to see the full set of photos available. There are over a thousand, so you should be able to find ones with you in them.