Natural Parenting, Essex

Purpose of this group:
• Our goal is to nurture, support and inspire people to thrive in their new role as parents.
• We practice active, compassionate listening.
• We practice non-judgment of ourselves and others.
• We understand that parenthood is a transformational time in people’s lives.
• We support each parents’s intuition.
• We understand self-care is a necessity for a healthy life.
• We provide a healthy solution-focused community.
• We promote empathetic parenting that respects the parents, children and family.
Please note; as a group we are anti CIO or any other form of training that ignores the needs of the child. If you are pro CIO; you may remain a member but you may not discuss CIO in the group. Please understand that some members may find it upsetting and that it is against the very nature of the attachment parent.

Just to clarify the rules regarding selling/advertising...

Selling: Items are to be listed in the selling file. This does not have to be natural parenting related.

Events: If they are NATURAL parenting related (i.e. sling open house, or cloth nappy event) they can be posted freely. If they are not natural parenting related, they can be put into the events document.