North Carolina Coon Hunters!

A place North Carolina coon hunters can talk about there experiences. This group is in no way affiliated with UKC, PKC, AKC or any other
dog hunting organization. We are only intended for promotional , and entertainment purposes. We are here to promote hound hunting in North Carolina. Please do not take any of our comments as comments of these organizations listed above.

Here are the board rules
1- No Profanity

2- Please No Pictures Of Coons Killed To Your Dogs While Season Is Out And No Pictures Of Caged Coons And The Reason Is That Its Illegal With Out A Permit. This Is For Your Protection.

3-Don't Get Carried Away And Make Post After Post After Post.

4-If Your Selling Items Be Truthful And Don't Be A Nuisance When People Ask Simple Question Regarding A Item.

5- No Bumping Your Post Back To The Top Every Hour. Their Is A New Counter That Displays The Number Of Times Your Post Has Been Looked At. Failure to follow this rule can and will result in you being removed.

6-To save everyone trouble, dont post your items or hounds for sale on other peoples "For Sale" Posts. PM people responding to the post or better yet, MAKE your OWN post. This will prevent backlash and trash talk within the group. If you sell the Item or hound, remove it's post from the board.

I Hate To List The Rules But We Have New Members And Everyone Needs Reminding Every Once In A While. Breaking The Board Rules Will Be Dealt With Swiftly And Your Membership Deleted. This Is The Only Warning.