Nasirabad Govt. Boys' High School,Chittagong (SSC 2003)

Nasirabad Government Boys' High School is one of the leading schools in Chittagong district. Established in 1967, this school is located in East Nasirabad region.The school is well known in the sporting arena of Bangladesh in school level. This school has become champion in National Sports Championship in both football and Cricket.

Noted sportsmen from this school include Akram Khan, Aftab Ahmed.


Adequate laboratory facilities are provided for all the science classes. Science is strongly activities based and students spend at least one third of their time in well-equipped laboratories. The Senior Labs are inspected and approved by the representatives of the University of London to meet the exacting standard set by London University for the practical requirement of the SSC examinations


There is a Library in all the sections and students may borrow books regularly as well as use the Library for research and study. There are video recorders and televisions in all the sections and emphasis is placed on providing audiovisual follow up to reinforce academic knowledge.

Extracurricular Activities

Nasirabad has earned a reputation for its emphasis on all kinds of extra curricular activities such as Drama, Debating, and Public Speaking. School teams participate regularly in inter- school and national competitions, almost always with excellent results. Theatrical presentations in both English and Bangla are of a uniformly high standard and have won critical as well as popular acclaim from Dhaka audiences.

Some of the other activities pursued by students under the guidance and supervision of teachers include field trips, visits to exhibitions and museums, celebration of important national and historical events, and cultural programs. Participation in Community Service Programs, fund raising for natural disaster relief and campaigns to enhance awareness of health and environmental issues are also a vital part of school activities.


An organized sports program is an integral part of the curriculum. All the school buildings have playing areas, and well-qualified teachers supervise games classes. Senior Section students will use the facilities of the modern School Sports Complex shortly to be completed.