Owen's Gift

This project was created to honor our son Owen Isaac Plunkett who was diagnosed prenatally with Limb Body Wall Complex which is a congenital disorder characterized by severe limb defects and anterior body wall defects. There is no cure and the disorder is 100% incompatible with life outside the womb.

Strange as it may sound one of my first thoughts after the initial shock was "what am I going to dress him in if he is born soon?" Thankfully I have some friends who immediately started making tiny clothing for him and for some strange reason that comforted me knowing that even if I were to have him now I could dress him.

One morning when I couldn't sleep I started thinking about all the other women who have late miscarriages and stillborn babies.What do they put them in? I looked on line. The demand for small baby clothes is not great and I could only find a few sites that sold doll size clothes for tiny babies that looked cheaply made. My idea was born...To get help from others and make little tiny hand made clothes and blankets for mothers who either miscarry, have still born babies, or babies who pass away very shortly after birth and to offer these precious handmade items to mothers who may not have something that would appropriately fit their baby.

I am looking for help from any one who can or knows someone who can crochet or knit. Blankets, Hats, Sweaters, and booties. sizes ranging from very tiny to newborn size. I will investigate and get some actual dimensions and post them in a document.

Please share this page with anyone you know, friends, family, churches, groups who you think would like to be apart of this. Even making one item would help the comfort and create a lasting keepsake for greiving parents. Please post on the page and I will give you the address you can send your item to. All Items at this time will be going directly to Mott Childrens Hospital in Ann Arbor Michigan as that is where I will be delivering Owen. Boxes are also going to Hospice of Michigan Perinatal program, Henry Ford hospital in Clinton twp, Maclaren Macomb hospital, and soon to be more.

Owen was born 12-5-14. He passed away a few hours before being born. He came into this world surrounded by love, family, and with a legacy I plan to continue as long as I'm able to. Thank you to all who have make Owen's Gift possible.