Okposi Young People Talk

Okposi Young People Talk (OYPT) is a place for young people from Okposi around the world meet, share opinions, discuss about their social life, the opposite sex, fashion, music, movies, sports, politics, jokes, etc.

There are also Rules guiding this group....

Well, below are the RULES &REGULATIONS (changes might be made to them in due time)

Basically the group is for only Okposians

Any one discovered to be involved in impersonating a member, would be REMOVED from the group!

• Pornography(either pictures or videos), or display of bare or unclad private parts, is prohibited.

• When making a post, u are not allowed to use foul languages.

• Don't make use of derogatory languages.

Posts here wouldn't be mainly religion, it could come from other facets of life but it should be
something MEANINGFUL!

No posting of adverts, promotions of any kind unless with prior notice is sent to the admin(s) and it should be approved by the admin(s). (Reason for this is to avoid members being scammed and deceived to losing MONEY or properties).

Only invitation to ceremonial activities like traditional marriage, church wedding, burial ceremony, naming ceremony, and other ceremonies will be allowed.

No sharing of post. If any post is shared, it would be deleted by the admin(s).

Lets join hands and improve ourselves and make Okposi our homeland a better place.