Spirits,ghosts,orbs,evps,&paranormal caught on film &camera

this group is to share all of your paranormal experiences,and to share your views on the spirit world,im a great believer in it and very open minded to the spirit world,and anything
paranormal,i give everyones photos a chance as i believe that what u can see in your photos and others may not see what u do,if u dont see anything in members photos move on to the next,as we all have feelings! as they say dont TROLL,move on!!also if u cant take peoples photos seriously and u put STUPID COMMENTS U WILL BE BANNED WITH NO EXPLANATION!! the photos u put on here they are your property and personal photos so i dont delete them unless its to sell the latest shoes,sunglasses,and uggi boots,then they will be deleted and u will be banned cos after all what is that to do with paranormal?so please enjoy my group and please no arguing as i wont tolerate negativity towards members,and there beliefs thanku:):) FOR OVER 18S ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!