Placer County Yard Sale


Welcome to Placer County Yard Sale. Please take the time to read over the Group Rules, listed below, & all of the documents located under the "Files" tab to help you navigate the group. This group is open to everyone living in the Placer County area.


***This group was created for PLACER COUNTY residents. All sales MUST take place within Placer County Lines.
******UPDATE – As of November 2014, no members who do not reside in Placer County will be approved to join this group

***State your location, price & description of item in your post

***Bump every 24 hours (Bring Up My Post)

***All interested parties must reply within 8 hours of showing interest in an item. If the interested buyer has not made contact with the seller within 8 hours, the seller may move to the next in line.

***Please do not post "No Holds" on any posts. Read above rule for clarification.

***Please message admin when adding a person

***The sales go in order of interested posters- no skipping or offering to first available pickup

***If interested in an item, you MUST state NIL, or INTERESTED. Asking questions about the item or tagging other members does not hold your spot

***If accepting offers on a sale, you must post OBO on the sale, otherwise, the first to comment is first in line for the item

***You must join the group as a person, not a business

***Do not post personal information on post, such as phone number address, or email address

***If you have more than 10 items, please create an album

***All inactive posts will remain on the group for 90 days. After 90 days, the post will be deleted.

***Please DO NOT posts links to home businesses, other Facebook groups, or other re-sell websites. If you have an at home business to share- feel free to join Placer County Goods & Services & post your ad there


Group Admin