Petersburg & Surrounding Area Vintage and Antiques

Welcome all vintage and antique treasure hunters!

This group has been created to buy, sale, trade & identify your vintage and antique items.

Group rules:

1) Vintage & Antiques ONLY! - Art, Furniture, Collectibles, Glassware, Jewelry, Militaria, etc. - everything else will be deleted. Please do not add yard sale quality items to this group.

2) No Vulgar Language and please treat people with respect!

3) Only "bump" once daily if it did not sell the 1st day. - To "Bump" an item - you can simply add a * in the comment box under an item - this will bring the item back to the top of the page.

4) Items must be deleted after they are sold.

5) This group is for selling vintage & antique items only. This site is NOT for advertising non-vintage and antique products.

6) If you want to purchase an item please post "Tag" the person listing the item by typing their name in the comment box followed by "I want to buy this item". Or make them an offer. First person commenting to buy or the first offer accepted holds the persons place - then from that order on should items be sold to other people if sale falls thru.

7) If an offer is pending - please post so.

Thank you and happy selling/shopping - Please spread the word and share this group with your friends!!!!