Pike County PA Direct Sales and Small Business Advertising

I'm trying to create a group for direct sales and small business' in our area where members can feel free to advertise and anyone can look for our companies to be a part of their event. I want to keep this group limited to two consultants per company. Feel free to advertise this group on your personal pages and hopefully this helps generate business for all of us! You can advertise on this group, help other members with ideas for sales and we can give each other a heads up on vendor's fairs. This group was created to be a small group to cut down on the drama of too much competition. The goal of this group is to help build each other up not tear each other down. Upon being added to this group, please check the "companies" document under files. If there is room for you under your business PM me your website link and I will add you. If there is no room at the moment, that's no reason to leave the group. When/if there becomes room I will add you. Obviously if you're an original small business that rule does not apply. Thanks all for respecting the rules!! :)