Proper Cobs

This group is for breeders and enthusiats across the world to show off their PROPER PUREBRED GYPSY COBS , aka traditional gypsy cobs , gypsy cobs hairy cobs etc , breeding stock , cobs for sale or youngsters . If you don ' t know what a Proper Cob is , look up the Standard for the breed in the Docs folder an various files on here . This group is a SHOW OUT DAY for the Proper Cobs across the world . Proper Cobs for sale , stud , flash , fun , whatever you want . As long as it is a Proper Gypsy Cob . If you show pictures of half legged , hairless or crossbred Cobs , YOUR PHOTOS WILL BE DELETED . Sorry thats the rules . We only want the best of the best , the cream of the crop , a PROPER COB shown here , with all hair intact . Please add the breeding and background info on all the horses you show if possible . Cobs for sale must show the age , expected height and location . Any country , any place , anyone in the world can post . Please don ' t spam or junk mail our wall , adverts are occasionally allowed , in moderation as determined by Admins , for items and services directly related to gypsy cobs or gypsy culture . Please do not abuse or insult any members or their horses , photos or videos , negative and offensive comments will be deleted and the member banned . If you can't say anything nice , don't say anything at all basically . Racist or prejudice comments about Romany Gypsies / Travellers will be deleted and the member banned and reported to Facebook . Moderation of the group requires all members posts are visible to admins . Any members who does not make their posts visible to admins will be deleted permanently . Proper Cobs will not be responsible for the personal opinions expressed in the group by group members , including disputes amoungst members . When you publish content or information on the Group using the Public setting , it means that you are allowing everyone to access and use that information , including sharing , tagging , commenting . Proper Cobs is not responsible for photos or information posted to the Group . Please spare the time to listen and learn and appreciate the Proper GYPSY Cob we know and love on this group . Thanks