Rongo constituency is one of the constituency in the proposed Migori county. The following is the latest data about the constituency:


Resources: Natural (Gold), Water (Kuja and Migori Rivers)

Financial services: Banks and Micro Finance Institutions, Decentralized Funds e.g. CDF through Constituencies & LATF through Local Authorities

Poverty Level: 43% of population live below the poverty line

Main Economic Activities/industries: Agriculture, fishing, manufacturing and mining


This is a group of young people in Rongo constituency, comprising of various groups, among which includes: University and College students, youths taking vocational trainings, non-employed youths and the youths serving i the Jua Kali industry. It intends to create awareness to the youths about their rights and to enhance their access to information which is instrumental in building themselves.


ROYOFOC is started to open up gates and build linkages to other groups within or outside the constituency in order to promote their civic, political ad economic rights and prosperity. From the data given above,43% of the people live below the poverty line. In order to reverse this trend,ROYOFOC intend to bring youths together so as to discuss the problems affecting them, identify possible solutions to these problems and strive to achieve such identified mechanisms of solving the problems.


ROYOFOC wishes to:

1. Improve the accessibility of the information to the youth in Rongo constituency by looking for the information through research and disseminating the same to the youths

2. Create poetical awareness among the youths in Rongo constituency by conducting civic education in various locations in the constituency

3. Help youths to add value to their lives by encouraging them to participate in the struggle for the limited job and scholarship opportunities

4.Promote peace by carrying out peace campaigns and advocacy for unity.