RV Military Families

This group is designed for those military families (Army, Airforce, Marines, Navy, Coastguard) who live full-time in an RV or are looking into full-timing to come together and support each other, give advice and make new friends!

Please only create posts with information pertaining to the groups topic - being military and living a full time rv lifestyle. Also please refrain from posting ads & solicitation for funds. Profanity is not tolerated in this group. Admins will ban anyone using profanity permanently. There will be no reapplication to join the group. We are here to help one another. Members resorting to name calling and any other contentious behavior will be warned once. Subsequent problems will result in being permanently banned.

The members are the eyes of this page & if you find something inappropriate please send me a message & show me what you found!

Thank you for following these guidelines and on behalf of myself and my husband, welcome to the group!