Seal Beach Military Spouse Group

Seal Beach, Los Alamitos, and surrounding area Military Spouses

Requirement to join the group:

You must be a service member or service member's significant other, stationed and residing in or immediately around the Sea Breeze Village Community.
If you request to join the group and are not approved within 7 days, please send a private message to the group moderator.

Rules of the Seal Beach Military Spouse Group:

By joining and remaining part of the group you agree to these rules.

1.No inflammatory remarks or 'drama'.

2. Personal issues should be taken care of outside of this forum, in personal messages or in person. Don't involve the group.

3. Do not post personal messages to this board unless it is meant for everyone to see.

4. All posts must abide by OPSEC rules. go here for more on these:

5. All posts should be beneficial for the community.

Thank you for helping to make our community a better place for everyone!