SLAS - Sri Lanka Administrative Service - New Generation of Civil Servants

The History of SLAS

The history of the Sri Lanka Administrative Service (SLAS) dates back to 1802, the year in which the Ceylon Civil Service (CCS) was established by the British government, mainly to collect revenue and to maintain law and order in Sri Lanka which was then known as Ceylon. (British took over SRI LANKA which was then called SINHALE and ruled it till 1948)

After regaining independence, the CCS was reformed according to the local needs and was replaced by the Ceylon Administrative Service (CAS) in 1963, which was renamed as the Sri Lanka Administrative Service (SLAS) in 1972, when Sri Lanka became a Republic.

SLAS, Today

With a prestigious history of over two centuries, which guides and illuminates its path, the SLAS continues to render its services to Sri Lanka and its citizens, following the motto; “Service First!”

Today’s SLAS consists of Public Sector Managers who are qualified in a variety of fields and are adaptable to hold the key government positions in policy making and implementation which is ranging from Assistant Divisional Secretary to Secretary to HE the President.

The way forward

Having ended a three–decade war against brutal separatist terrorism,
Sri Lanka has reached a turning point in its history.

As fore – runners of the Sri Lanka’s public service, the future of Mother Lanka is in the hands of SLAS to forge ahead with their innovative abilities and dedication to re-transform Sri Lanka into its past glory and make it one of the greatest nations in the world.

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