Exton Area Women's Time Out Yard Sale

The Exton Area Women's Time Out Yard Sale is a secret group for women only in Exton and the surrounding areas to buy, sell, give away, or swap unwanted adult clothing, shoes, or accessories for men or woman and adult sized and oriented home goods. No children's stuff here!! This is a time out place for adults and their toys. No kids allowed!!

When asking to join the group, please make sure your town is visible to me on your about page.

If you are posting more that 5 items, an album with your name must be created. Dated albums are not accepted. One album per member please.

No tagging to hold a place in line for another member.

Please, no advertising of any kind. Any spam for work at hime, avon, tupperware parties, etc etc etc will result in the involved member being deleted and blocked.

Counterfeit items of any kind will not be tolerated. I have extensive knowledge when it comes to authenticating items of almost every major designer, so there is no sneaking around it. We may ask for additional proof of authenticity at any time. It is a federal crime to sell counterfeit goods, and we won't condone the theft of intellectual property. If you are not sure of the authenticity of an item, please contact me, an admin (Jen Jones) and we will figure out the authenticity and if the item can be posted.

And please, let's have fun and make this site about us! We all have things we aren't using, so lets make some money off them and then go buy new things for us!!!

Meet ups or pick ups are at the discretion of the buyer and seller. First interested has first right to buy or refuse, and then it goes down the list of interested parties in order of time. No skipping, no bidding, and no best offers on the page. You must be in possession of the item at the time of listing until the time of sale. The details are to be worked out by the buyer and seller, with their discretion used on when and where are acceptable terms. The admins bear no responsibility within the transaction.

Please be respectful. Harassment, or name calling will not be tolerated. If there is a problem, please contact us. If someone no shows, please send us a message with their name. Two no shows will result in the member being deleted.

Please have fun, clear the clutter, get a new wardrobe, and redecorate the house!

Thank you!!