tri county yard sale southern harrison, Lewis, Upshur

If having troubles tag Joann Salmon on your Posting I will try and help anyway I can.

A place To sell anything to anyone that wants to buy. Post your Yard Sale!! buy, sell, trade or give away. Find just what you were looking for! Or sell something someone may want.
This may help you learn how to use page.
Step 1} Change your settings to receive private messages - You must be able to receive private messages to become a member of this group Step 2} Post an album if you have more then 2 items
Step 3} Post all information under your picture's so people can scroll and click
Step 4} Only bump your post one time every 24 hrs - a BUMP in less than 24 hours will be deleted
Step 5} When your item is sold delete all pictures and post this will help the picture page from getting so big that it take long time to load, it will help the clutter of picture. Leave them if not sold. If you don’t have time. Let me know it is sold I clean it up for you. Thank you.
Step 6} Do not up load a picture over and over -go into photos re use your picture. If your picture can’t be seen and it been 24 you can Bump * once every 24 hours - A re post of the same item will be deleted
Step 7} Please send a PRIVATE message to the person if you have a QUESTION about the item they posted, so it doesn’t push everyone’s post down to the bottom of the page.
This will help so everyone will see your post.