<3 ShaRP"InTeLLiGenT"And"BeSt FrInDs" <3

Asalamualikum nd welcum to all respected group membrzz in this
group... I hope u all enjoy here, If u have any problem related to group u can ask adminz, its ur own group have fun, enjoy nd Respect otherz nd be happy,

If anyone or u have seems that he or she is making disturbance or creating problemz wid u in the group tell us then whatever he or she will be permanently ban without any warning!

All existing memberz must do welcum the new memberz with respactful behaviour......
The group is all about masti nd fun but dont hurt anybody and dnt be serious friends just chil.

#Admins_Of _grop_Are
#Asmara chuhdary
#Dia Pwinces
# Seno Rita

# #Rules_Of_The_Group are :-
1.Don't Post any Type Of Link(Add Me.)
2. Insult,Fighting,Targeting & political or Religious Discusn Not Allow......
3. Respect Girls
4. Just Chill
5. If Anything Happens Plz Contact The Admins Immediately
6. dnt use Informal Language nd posts
7. no Insult of Group,Nd dnt Miss Behave or abuse with Admin or other group memberz
8 Keep in your limits always.
9No personal Attacks
10. Please Avoid posting same thing again and again
11. No Floodind No Incentive Comments
12. Do not irritate girlZ wid ur foolish
13. behave well with each other
14. respact everyone either girls or boys... ☆

★ → I Hope U All Group Members aslo Follow rules And Make A Good Atmosphere.
u enjoy here & don't
create any problem for anyone.

→ "Jst Give respect
take respect.
Thanku all of u hv a gud time. . . . . >>>>> Hv a hounrable ownself identity nd make expamle for all..... Allah bless all of u ameen.. also remmber us in your prayerzz..