1000 "likes" in 90 days - an experiment

The group was originally designed to help us all get LIKES to ou...r facebook fan pages. Now it has become a huge network for marketers to share their business and tips of the trade.
Welcome to my group! Feel free to post your ads and biz opps!

Who I am:

I was SICK of sending my kids to a babysitter, and not
being able to pick them up from school and spend time with them after working endless , thankless hours in a corporate finance position. I have a PHD and still found that although money was fine, I was poor in financial and time freedom. I lacked a solid future that I could spend with my family and lacked residue income that worked while I slept.

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I want to help you struggling parents out there - it does NOT have to be this way!

I'm giving away MY STRATEGY to learn how to do what I do right here
on FaceBook, and see my kids' smiling faces.. inspiration and tips DAILY.