4 Sale in Carlsbad, New Mexico

Please take a moment to read all below before posting to the group.You must be at least18 to join group as per new Facebook Guidelines.If listing a firearm, make sure you follow all local and federal laws while conducting the sale. We take no responsibility for anything bought or sold, we are simply a venue to bring buyer and seller together. No recalled items to be listed.

#1 Only two bumps allowed per ad every 24 hours, and only after ad is 24 hours old, nor re-post the same ad more than once in that time.
#2 LOCATION & PRICE must be listed on every item posted, unless you are offering up it for "For Trade Only". No “make offer” as this is NOT an auction site, and no bidding will be allowed, but you may post a price and or best offer if you’re willing to take less than price listed.
#3 A seller is allowed to sell to whomever they want. We tried to control this and it isn’t working so we are backing off on it.
#4 If you have a problem with a buyer or seller, there is a post to comment on under the files tab, please use it. We don’t act as judge or jury we are simply a venue to bring buyer and seller together.. Do not post problems on the wall.
#5 Blocking an admin means automatic deletion and banning from the group.
#6 We are simply a venue to bring buyer and seller together. Make sure it works, not our fault and between buyer and seller. Someone didn't show up, was dishonest, not our issue to deal with. You can warn members on the post under the files tab. We won't handle complaints on this in the anymore.
#7 No prescription medications are to be sold on this site, and supplements must be unopened and factory sealed.
#8 Business post are to be kept to one ad per member for each business per day, which includes bumping an old post, this allows you only one post showing daily per business. We expect price and location on all business post, which may be something as simple as a starting price. This doesn't affect your personal post, for personal items
#9 We must insist on all post, and commentsbe in English, it's the only way to keep tabs on what's being said on post, as all Admins. only read English. Spanish may be listed below the post in English.
#10 I'd like to ask all members requesting help financially for any reason go through the appropriate channels that issue help. We can not screen who is eligible, and feel it doesn't belong on the group, without being able to do so.
#11 Any post for a benefit "must" contain all information for whom it is for, reason for benefit, location, and good contact information for those running the benefit. Anyone found to be running one fraudulently will have information turned over to local authorities.
#12 Commenting on a post you’re not interested in buying, causing trouble, will get you removed from the group, without warning. Same goes for trying to sell on another member’s post, if you want to sell something make your own post, or face being removed from the group with no warning.