Cambridge University African- Caribbean Society (CUACS) 2012-13

Welcome to Cambridge University’s African Caribbean Society (CUACS). If you would like to experience African and Caribbean culture and celebrate diversity in Cambridge, then come and be a part of a society which is turning heads and delivering some to the most exciting events the university has to offer! From fantastic social events to exclusive careers and networking opportunities, the ACS definitely has something to offer everyone.

Since 2005, CUACS has continued to establish itself not only by providing a social hub for its members, but by generating cultural awareness throughout the university and remaining open and innovative. At the heart of our constitution remains the 3Es: the values which underpin the various events we host.

Firstly we aim to EDUCATE our members, and all those interested, about African and Caribbean history and its contemporary resonance. We also discuss aspects of modern culture such as politics, literature and music as well as developing the skills and knowledge that go alongside a successful career.

Secondly, we EMPOWER our members through links in industry, closely working with organisations to provide recruitment events and networking opportunities. CUACS endeavours not only to empower our members but also others and to help accomplish this we plan to be more involved in the local community and support an educational charity.

Lastly, our events ENTERTAIN and stimulate integration and community. They are a celebration of African and Caribbean culture past and present. Previous events held last academic year include: Come Dine with Me, Champagne and Pizza Nights, and Culture Fest, our annual showcase of the very best talent and intellect which CUACS has to offer.

Already busy with plans for the upcoming year, we look forward to building on the great events and initiatives from previous years, as well as introducing our own. Get excited for another fantastic year of celebrating African and Caribbean culture together!

All the best,

Samara Linton
CUACS President 2013/14

Twitter: Cambridge_ACS

A big thank you to the 2014/15 sponsors: