Costco Employees

This group is for ACTIVE Costco Employees only. To collaborate and share ideas, ask questions and complain (constructively) if you want.

HOW YOU GET ACCESS: Show that you work for Costco, be added by a team mate, or have friends in the group. Otherwise we will reject the request.

My Name is Eric and I will be your Social Network Manager and Monitor. Been an employee since 2001 in IS. Thanks for joining and if you have any questions please ask.

This is your group and although I monitor the group you need to let me if you see questionable material.

All that I ask is that you follow some basic rules:

1) If you rant about something be respectful but expect a retort

2) Keep the expletives to a minimum, but speak your mind. If you have to use a colorful word do it!

3) Personal bashing/attacks are off limits

4) Racist comment, of any kind, are off limits and will get you banned.

5) Keep your political view points to a minimum as they can stir up a negative outcome.

Please feel free to share a cool story about a fellow employee
If we lose a fellow comrade at Costco, share it

Although the Costco concept really started in 1976 by Sol Price, Costco is recognized to have started in 1983 by most employees and thank those who have gone before us to pave the way.

James D. Sinegal, co-founder of Costco, had worked with Sol Price at FedMart before joining him at the Price Company. Sinegal left Price, having reached the level of executive vice president, and in 1983 formed Costco Wholesale Corporation with Jeffrey H. Brotman, a former oil exploration company executive. The first Costco, based heavily on the Price Club concept, opened on September 15, 1983 in Seattle, Washington

The views and opinions of this group are NOT certified by corporate but simply a social networking group.