We are all well aware of the present situation of Ass...am . The ethnic clashes that occurred in Assam’s Chirang, Kokrajhar, Udalguri and Dhubri districts has left the entire country awe-struck. In accordance, TYC has taken up their next public art event in reference with the above mentioned situation. TYC’s mission is to create a public awareness and make an effort to sustain it through their art. That is why this art itself is a public art. The people of those area have suffered alot, if we hold an event and just come back, it won’t be fair enough to those people. So we are trying to make an effort to sustain what we do.
The members of TYC will go to the violence affected areas and interact with the localities residing there. We will take a note of the causalities and all the loses encountered by them in the past few months.
The event will be conducted in the following four steps:
First, school will be selected as the prime location of the event where a house will be built and children from different communities will be allowed to paint their ideas, feelings and emotions in the exterior. The interior of the house will be filled with expressions from elderly women of the locality in writing and drawing. The ones who cannot express themselves will be constructed by local men and members of TYC and professionals. Some women incapable of communicating will also be asked to imprint their hands in and around the structure as a symbol of their identity and existence. This idea is been adapted from Cave art- an effective form of ancient/primitive signature. This entire event will not only harbour a feeling of re-union and acclimatize them of cultural exchange but also pass on the message of brotherhood and non-violence amidst the child who will learn from these messages later in history and TYC will try to achieve a noble goal through art, construction and history.
concept by : Aniruddha Barua