Amazon Review for Promotion Sale Products

Amazon Reviewers and Sellers PLEASE READ!

This group... is a place for you to share when hot reviewer deals become available on various sites. Don't just come and take advantage of deals others post - PLEASE help out and share deals that you find also. We want this to be a group effort where everyone helps out.

We also have threads where you can find groups and websites to join as well as ask questions for help. Please see the pinned post before adding new posts on the main wall (unless it's a hot reviewer offer then please go ahead and share so others can take advantage).


Feel free to post highly discounted or free products to the group that you would like reviews for. (Not advertisements for your products at regular Amazon listed prices)

Please include the following:
1. Either a link to the product or photo(s) and a description of the item(s).

2. The discounted price you are offering to reviewers.

3. How long the offer is valid, or how many codes you are offering.

If the above is not in the post it will not be approved. * You can NOT require or ask for a 5 star review that's against Amazon TOS. You can ask for reviewers to contact you if they feel they must leave less than a 4 star review first though.

(We will delete posts when they are expired or an offer has reached it's limit.)