Five Degrees of Gamers

In a nutshell, talk games with like-minded people, be civil about it, and have a good time. Conversation can be about any console and even board/deck-building card games. If you can think of any other cool people that would probably do well here (even better if I already know them) then let me know and I'll add them. Happy gabbing!

Only a few rules to honor here and its all smooth sailing:

1) No belligerence. Be respectful to others and they will be respectful to you. We love gaming but it isn't serious business. Let's leave that stuff for relationships and work.

2) All photos and media should be gaming or industry related in some way.

3) No photo or media bombing.

4) No trolling on others and/or on threads.

5) Please keep posts somewhat work-safe. Many of us use this to help take the edge off in the office. ^_^