Art of Piano Recording

The Art of Piano Recording group is for composers and producers ...of piano-based music with an interest in acoustic piano recording and production.

Please feel free to discuss anything related to acoustic piano recording. Please also feel free to post your latest creations to the main group page and also maybe add a few words if you want to highlight anything of interest in the recording / production process.

Every month I will create an event where members can post one track for inclusion in the monthly playlist, which will showcase our creations on SoundCloud.

If you know any fellow musicians that would be interested in this group, please let them know.

I'm not going to lay down too many ground rules - it goes without saying that members should be polite etc.

BTW I have nothing against vst's, in fact I own and use vst pianos on a regular basis.

Any question, please ask - thanks! :)

Admin: Ed Haydon