True Modz Legit Xbox/Ps3 Hosters

Rules, Admins & Legit / Trusted Members List
1) Do not disrespect an Admin otherwise you'll be permanently banned.

2) Be respectful of each other's opinions. No personal attacks, or insults will be tolerated. While discussions may become heated, it is not an excuse to result to attacks or insults.

3) Only give technical advice if you know the answer.

4) No advertising of other groups or fake MS Code referral links

6) Do not post links to illegal downloads or pirated games. The post will be removed and repeat offenses will result in permanent ban.

7) If you are a modder and wish to sell your services. Upon making a sales post, please provide and image with your name in it together with video proof. Not just an image as it can be easily forged and please show the following.

- your console
- name/timestamp
- the modding in real time
- any other form of proof

This will increase your chances of becoming part of the legit list! If any support is needed, please contact an admin.

8) No selling Clash Of Clan or Netflix codes / accounts in this group.

9) No DDoS/Booting talk allowed inside the group.That Includes posting people's IP Addresses or asking for somebody to be booted...If you disobey this rule it may result in a instant ban.

10) Posting links to viruses, malicious links or scam ads will be instantly banned.

True Modz Legit Xbox/Ps3 Hosters Admins

- Barry solway (OWNER)
- Danny McNeill (Barry Solway)
- Andrew Byrne (#Viox Co-Owner)
- Martin 'Scooby' Arnold (Viox Admin )

True Modz Legit Xbox/Ps3 Hosters Legit / Trusted Members

Trusted RGH/JTAG Sellers:
- Lewis Snm (uk seller)
- Nigel Atkins (uk seller)
- Ryan Neff (Usa Seller)
- Sigfredo Gomez (usa seller)
- Tony Mondello (usa seller)

LEGIT LIST ..... !

- andrewbyrne
- cameron weir
- Martin 'Scooby' Arnold

- Mervin James
- Edüärd Gwäpö Gwapo
- Jake Walters
- Jamestown FC
- Patrick Amphlett (selling cracked menu)
- Blaine Flatt

(Trusted kv sellers)
- Barry solway
-andrew byrne