Black Patriots & Supporters of the National Tea Party Movement

American patriots, Black Patriots & Supporters of the National Tea Party Movement was originally created to expose the lies by revealing the truth. We all know the mainstream media and many politicians aren't telling us the truth when it comes to race relations. I ask you, is it not obvious that they are just flaming the fire to divide us ? especially now they our denying the existence of black patriots that attend the tea parties. On one day the media will run a news story insinuating that the people that support our country's Constitution and attend theses tea parties are there because they dislike black people, and on the next day they run a news story asking us why aren't their any black people at these tea parties as they insinuate that blacks shouldn't be there because their are too many white racist there.Is this not obvious that it's really the politicians and the mainstream media that doesn't want blacks to attend these tea parties ? After all these years living in America together these people still can't tolerate crossing political and racial boundaries. There are many black members and keynote speakers that attend these tea parties but the mainstream media only fabricates racist stories; should we not ask ourself why? View these videos with today's best American black patriots as they expose the truth and explain what's going on in this country; then ask yourself why don't you ever see these black patriots and keynote speakers on mainstream media ? So you see, it's not the politicians and the mainstream media that's going to unite us and build our bridges because it is those same politicians and organizations that only want to divide us and burn our bridges.