entrepreneurs.exposed was birthed to increase your exposure and ...help your business grow. It does not matter if you sale a product, render a service, do direct sales or have a nonprofit agency. The mission is to facilitate a positive atmosphere where entrepreneurs can join forces to network, grow and share ideas. We strive to shine the spotlight on your business.

Rules for Posting:

Marketing Monday - share your service, products or listings on this day ONLY!!! What this does is create havoc on Mondays but everyone loves it. Also share your pages to receive likes and grow each other’s pages. It’s amazing how people's networks will grow from doing this.

Twitter Tuesday- this is the day to share your Twitter profiles with the group. Also, be kind and follow one another as to increase visibility and support one another.

Website Wednesday – today we invite you to share your website links and information.
Testimony Thursday - give a testimony about a person or service you have used. This becomes and instant word of mouth referral and helps another entrepreneur grow.

Funny Fridays- generate a smile. We are looking for laughter this day. Post videos, pics, links that help others laugh. It’s been a long week now it’s time to kick back and smile. We are looking for entrepreneurial humor, self -development humor or just general (non offensive) humor.

Super~Sale Saturday – Please share your sales and promotions.

Soul*Full Sunday – Please share how blessed you have been this week!!!!!!