Expats in Gent, Belgium

Welcome to the Expats in Gent group!
Please introduce yourself to everybody: let us know which is your link to Gent and why you want to be part of this group and what you'd like to learn about your new home away from home.
We appreciate participation and we welcome ideas and initiatives.

The main aim of this group is to create a virtual and real network for expats or friends of expats who have a link to Gent. The idea is to share our experiences, help each other and socialize in real life, even better if it's in front of a drink.

We have some simple rules in this group:

- This group is an online community for residents (locals and Expats alike) in Gent.

- This group is based on mutual respect. We do embrace the diversity of the community we live in and honor the free world. We also expect a polite tone and respectful language.

- This group is motivated on a will to share and to build relationship and friendship within the expats community in Gent and to share experiences valuable to the community.

- This group is a community group with no commercial interest, and participants should accept any contributions within the group adhere to that point. There will be zero tolerance towards spam (see wikipedia for a definition upon the term SPAM).

- We do not allow advertising, including ads on behalf of for profit and non-profit groups. Any exceptions to this rule can only be made with the explicit written consent of the admin(s) managing the group

- This group is based on a community based framework founded in the principal points of the "Creative Commons/ NonCommercial" license. Any participation in this group means unconditional acceptance herewith.

For any question or remark, feel welcome to contact Hannah Hadman, Felicia Benefield, Elisa Paloni, Ciaran Kennedy