Our Wee Photo Gallery

This is an Open Group, which means that "Anyone can see the group, who's in it and what members post."

Welcome to "Our Wee Photo Gallery"!

This is the place to post your favourite photos.
If you've taken a photo you're particularly proud of and want to show it off, want an honest appraisal, or even if you're just looking for advice on how to improve your technique, you've come to the right place.

Rules for members:
1: All photos uploaded to the gallery MUST BE all your own work.
If you wish to post something else, post a link!
2: The majority of members speak English as a first language and therefore, we insist that English be the language used for all communication within the group. Anyone using anything other than standard English risks ejection from the group. Warnings will be issued, of course, but if you refuse (or are unable) to communicate in English (the language the majority of members can understand), you WILL be removed from the group.
3. When posting more than 4 pics, please create an album.
This helps to keep the front page tidy and will also make it easier to locate your pictures in future.
4: Try to limit your advice and/or critique to those who have requested such.

Exceptions to the Rules;
>If you are the subject of the photo, posting is acceptable.
>If your photo is a scan of a pic OWNED BY YOU (even if you didn't take the picture yourself) and IS NOT posted anywhere else on the internet, (ie in another facebook group or discoverable via Google), it is acceptable as long as you make it clear in the accompanying text that you were not the original photographer. All other photos of this kind must be linked to and NOT uploaded to the group.
>Collaborations between members ARE acceptable if all parties involved are credited and permission is sought and agreed upon prior to uploading. This must be stated explicitly in the text accompanying the photo.

Anyone found Plagiarising WILL be expelled and banned from the group immediately.

Code of Conduct:
Disputes between members MUST be resolved privately or via the admins.

Tuesday's Banner Selection:
This is NOT a competition, just a fun feature we implemented while the group was still young.

Recommended Conduct:
When uploading your photos, please include any relevant details:
ISO, F-Stop, Shutter Speed, Make and Model of Camera, Software Enhancements etc, in the accompanying text.
This is by no means compulsory, but it is considered "good form".

Beyond that, normal decency rules apply.
No swearing, porn etc.
Be respectful to other members and bear in mind this not a competition. There will be a variety of skill levels across the membership, over time, and derogatory remarks ridiculing or making fun of our less adept members will not be tolerated.

Remember to check your Notification Settings (top right of the main page) if you want to limit emails and/or notifications.