Nuthin But Toys Lebanon PA

Welcome to the group...PLEASE take the time to read this post, it states all the rules. Please make sure you read them all, because there is a ONE strike and you are OUT policy.

This group is based out of Lebanon PA, but surrounding cities within a 30 minute radius of Lebanon PA may join. You MUST be willing to meet in LEBANON PA if you buy and sell on this group!! If you can not, please do not post items for sale, or say you want something, unless you can make it to Lebanon for pick up.

NO SHOWS: Understand that No shows are a big deal. Its not fair to the people that must go and sit and wait for you for nothing. :( Please always get the persons cell phone number that you are dealing with, so if something comes up you can let them know AHEAD OF TIME, so they are not sitting waiting for no reason! If you are picking up at someone's house, still let them know if you are running late and what not. Thank you!!!!!

BACK OUTS are becoming just as bad. DO NOT ask someone to hold something and then tell them you changed your mind! You WILL get removed from the group for that! Not only did the seller hold for you, but they lost out on a potential sale because of holding for you. So please be considerate, if you say you want it, take it!

It is the SELLERS job to look over items closely, front AND back, and list any and all flaws (Stains, holes, etc). Also, if you are from a SMOKING HOME, PLEASE list that in your items description as well.

You MAY GLADLY post SINGLE photo's here! You DO NOT have to make an album unless you want to, it does not matter if you post one item or fifty items at a time!!! Change your notification settings if you dont want to see what people are posting before you visit the group!

Please delete all sold items! Bumping is allowed ONCE a day! You may post an album or single photo's however, if you do have an album ONLY bump the album, not each photo in the album!

***FIREARMS or AMUNITION of ANY kind are NOT ALLOWED to be posted here. This includes BB and pellet guns as well. Sorry!!!***

Also, please be kind! Do not take the time to worry about why others are posting what they are posting, how much they are charging, etc. If you dont like what you see, just dont respond, thats all. No need to start confrontation. Of course if its something really bad, message me, let me deal with it.

Any questions or concerns, please contact Sheena Lynne Seitz

HAVE FUN!!!!!!