Jefferson City-Cole County Friendly Swap Shop

This is a friendly group. I hate to have to implement a few rules, but I can't please everyone.

PLEASE BE KIND!!!!! IF you don't like a price on an item don't be rude and make a comment on a post.


If you have 5 or more images to post please create an album. BE RESPECTFUL AND CREATE ONLY A COUPLE OF ALBUMS. Posting only 2 or 5 images to an album does the same thing as posting 5 or more images, it floods the page with only your items!

Even if it is a question about where to find something or go to get something repaired post it. We all need that.

If your items sells or you post needing information, please delete your posts.

Please do not repost a picture that doesn't sell. Find your old post and bump it, by commenting or delete your old post and then you can repost your item.

I will no longer allow weight loss posts from Plexus, pink zebra, all these posts are not allowed. Those are just example names.

No drop down cribs are to be sold as such.

Please be aware that the admins of this page will not be held responsible for the items you buy and sell here. However, if you do have an issue please do let me know. We have been very successful thus far and I haven't had any complaints.