This group created by some volantry erasmus students , the biggest Erasmus (and all kind of Exchange students) association in İstanbul and We wanna be one of the biggest Erasmus group in all Europe.This is first step to be more succesful for our aims...

It refers mainly to Erasmus students of Bahcesehir University but all foreign students subscribe also from all universities ın İstanbul and Turkey, etc.

We are a NO-PROFIT association, that means we are just voluntary students (mainly ex-erasmus as well) who get no money for their time and work spent just to help and entertain the Erasmus students!

We can help u ,when u come to first time in İstanbul about some challenges ;

We help incoming Erasmus students to:

- find an house in İstanbul

learn Turkish or any other language ,(TANDEM), you can practice the language you like having conversations with other foreign students like you);Also it can be funny and enjoyable.....

- have any kind of informations about the crazy student life in İstanbul !

We are also well known for our "entertaing" side, that is to organize some of the best
crazy parties,
international student dinners,
soccer tournaments,
many and many other things....

Erasmus change in ur life...