Towson Students Helping Honduras

Hello! I promised to post the extra tshirts to this page! These are SHH Towson shirts that have been made in the past- these are different than the ones that we are ordering for those of you going on the trip! Please comment or message me if you are interested in purchasing any of the following! All money will go towards finishing the library!- we are soooooo close!!! There will
Be other SHH company designs to purchase in Honduras- but these are unique to Towson(:
Sooo prices:
SHH walkathon tee - $5 (S, M, L)
Blue SHH tee - $10 ( S, M)
White Students Helping Honduras a million times
Tee- $5. (M, L)
V-neck - $7. ( S, M, L, XL)
White palm tree SHH tee-$7. (M)
V-neck-$10 (M,L, XL)
Let me know !! Happy finals!!!