Bristol City Centre & UH Rugby 14/15

Extra information, fixtures, match reports and socials info for the Bristol Orbital & UH Rugby team 13/14

The social rules/the laws of thumb:

International Beveraging Rules:
1. No D word
2. No M.I.N.E. - 10 press ups
3. Drinking by the captains' clocks - right handed before half past, left handed after
4. No extended digits
5. No first names - titles only
6. No danger pints - a thumb's distance (half a thumb for myself)
7. Spillage = Lickage
8. Empty vessels must be placed face down and replaced within 2 minutes
9. No profanity

Shotgun rule is in effect:
Should shotgun be called while one has their phone out, the caller may finish the user's text unless the owner can justify their usage to any of the fingers (JC, Coldplay, BFT or former fingers Finger Rich or Strain the Traitor) or the thumb

Blasphemy will not be tolerated:
When referring to Spez, the Oracle, Nobdog or any of our other distinguished leavers one must follow their names with "peace be upon him" as a mark of respect.
When referring to Lizard Lounge it must be called the Palace or the Palace that is Lounge. Referring to it as a shithole or words to that effect will result in an immediate fine.
When referring to previous tours, sentences will be followed with "For the Boys"

Thumb and Thumbelina of the week:
The fingers and thumb will at each social choose a thumb, rewarding good performance whether in games or at socials, and a thumbelina for the opposite. Thumbelina must buy the thumb a drink of their choosing (within reason)

Dummy Club:
On social weeks, I shall assign an item to be carried at all times throughout the day. Should another team member find you unable to display your item, you will recieve a fine.

Should one make a statement claiming an ability to do something and someone calls claim, the person must achieve aforementioned accomplishment or down a pint.

Tell Her:
The same rules as claim but the statement must be about a woman present in the room and can be avoided by following the statement with "told her."

Upon receiving a pint or open beverage one must say "Not Out" upon receival. If one fails to do so and the person handing over said bov says "Howzat," this bov must be seen off.

Fines will go towards good UH/Orbital rugby team causes. 3 fines in one night or a particularly heinous crime will lead to a court marshal at the next social where one may state their case for unfair fining/reasons for their behaviour and, if unsuccessful in their plea, will face a punishment of the choosing of the fingers and thumb.