Jess Barr and Lou Owens - Lorraine Lea Linen Independent Consultants

Everything is finally all organised and paid for! Now we just have to wait for things to start arriving in the mail. For example all of our hostess sets which include catalogues, invitations and outside order forms. It's never to early to call some friends and invite them to your party! I had a training course last night where our manager discussed a really cool strategy to help people think of who to invite to their party. So for all you lovely ladies booked in the next few weeks have a go at this: 1. Write down the name of the very first person you think of to invite to your party.
2. Write down the name of one of their friends that you know, but wouldn't necessarily invite without that person being there as well.
3. Write both of their names and an invite and send it to the first person. 4. Repeat steps 1 & 2 with family, friends, colleagues, sports teams and anyone else you can think of! And, if you're really keen, try and get some outside party bookings beforehand to boost your hostess rewards!