You Know You're a Cedar Ridge IB Student When...

You Know You’re a CRHS IB Student If…

1) You get the feeling that all of your teachers are dropping off the face of the earth.

2) You’ve heard the IB pledge (“I pledge allegiance… to my homework…)

3) Latin America project…gah.

4) Extended Essay presentations: honestly, did anyone spend more than ten minutes “preparing” for those?

5) What’s a deadline?

6) TOK is the most bullshit class ever invented, but at the same time you learn so much!

7) You know Latin kids spend every plus period, every day, studying.

8) You know the Spanish kids complain about Sra. Gilreath’s apparent poor choice in clothing.

9) You know the French kids don’t know French. An average of 2 on the IB test?

10) You remember being a junior and having Lowe lecture YOUR CLASS about how the seniors screwed up.

11) You’re a senior and you know the reason Lowe isn’t lecturing YOUR CLASS is because he got all his anger out lecturing the juniors.

12) You’ve heard waaaay too much about Lowe’s vertigo issues.

13) “The computer isn’t working…NEAL?”

14) You would totally tune in to the Emma and Joc show!

15) You’ve seen Neal and Gray perform the Peanut Butter Jelly dance.

16) You feel like yelling to all potential IB students: “run, run NOW, get out while you’re still ALIVE.”

17) You’ve had a reasonably intelligent and mildly philosophical conversation, however inadvertently, with fellow IB students outside of class.

18) You hear the phrase “why am I in IB?” literally at least once a day.

19) “Grades don’t matter.” Try telling that to colleges, Mr. Lowe.

20) The IB Art kids are like the redheaded stepchildren! Mr. Lowe never tells them anything.

21) Taking IB Math was the worst decision you have ever made.

22) Taking IB Math Studies was the best decision you have ever made.

23) IB Earth: what a rollercoaster. OH MY GOD I’M GOING TO DIE IN THIS CLASS. Wow that test was easy. AH MAN WHEN IS THAT IA DUE? Sweet, we’re watching Food, Inc. today. WHY DID I TAKE THIS CLASS? Thank god I took this class and not IB Chem.

24) You’re taking IB Chem? Ha. Ha ha. Sucks for you.

25) It’s tough on the streets.

26) The Bus/Kevin/Worst teacher ever…same thing.

27) You’ve seen Sarah cry.

28) You’ve heard Hayley make some speech about “womyn’s” rights, men are shovenist pigs, etc.

29) For the first time ever, back in January you found yourself hoping NOT to have a two-hour delay or an early release.

30) You know all about the infamous Crazy Hectic Snow Days week.

31) When Lowe said he was stepping down as IB Coordinator you might have felt like crying.

32) You know when Lowe brings the Art kids into the Psych room for
an “announcement” it’s something bad (chances are, we’re losing another teacher.)

33) You know how much Kostrewa hates PJ.

34) You know how much PJ loves Marjane Satrapi.

35) Anytime someone mentions Mr. Loschiavo you want to stab yourself in the eye repeatedly.

36) You laugh hysterically while simultaneously cringe in disgust just remembering the way Mr. Loschiavo tucked his shirt into his pants, clearly advertising he was a fan of Hanes.

37) Socratic Seminars: sitting in a circle, holding rain sticks, receiving Starbursts after a comment. WTF?

38) You spent two weeks analyzing Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” music video.

39) You remember cramming an entire course’s worth of material in two weeks for the US History EOC (oh, honors kids, you have it so easy.)

40) You’ve only had Mr. Orstad as a teacher for what, four weeks? Even though it’s halfway through Senior year.

41) You know there was serious consideration about Orstad teaching the Cold War
via Skype.

42) You were in History on the day we had the RIDICULOUS substitute (or in turn have heard all about it). “Let me introduce myself. I’m a retired drafting teacher... Hey, now, put that work away!”

43) You’ve been given crap by an AP student. Suuuure you do as much work as we do…

44) Gray’s puppet show. Enough said.

45) You’ve spent all four classes with the same people since the start of Junior year.

46) You’ve been appropriately christened by Jabari with a super cool nickname.

47) You were at the IB party at Gray’s- “Flip cup…with water…yeah, that’s how IB students party.”

48) You’ve personally related to a comment on

49) You constantly reevaluate your intelligence… I mean, if you were REALLY that smart, why would you have even considered taking IB?

50) Silas has asked you to “open your doors of perception.”

51) Hey, we’re normal kids too- we skip school… to write papers.

52) You are perfectly aware that the TOK essay is basically asking you to formulate your bullshit, while randomly inserting some vocabulary words here and there.

53) You’ve given up on sleep altogether.

54) You've heard Silas or PJ ruin a perfectly good conversation with "So how about that Extended Essay, guys?"

54) You know who Mrs. Gronpoop is.

55) You know how much Mr. Lowe loves The Office.

56) You remember January 2011 as being the month Mr. Lowe announced he was stepping down as Coordinator, LCG quit, and Orstad broke his leg...again.