There are laws that keep the banks from taking our money and wasting all of our time.

Lets stand up and stop them!

I have documents and methods (that are very low in cost and without a need for lawyers) which can be legally used to get rid of bad credit and am more than willing to share and help others. Please feel free to help improve on the process as well, there is no need for the "credit consolidation" companies.


-=More details=-

I have a debt dispute document with legally binding contractual wording in MS Access DB and Word mail merge. (as a beta)

Currently, it automatically generates a reply letter to the creditors with your information and tracks the dates and case numbers.

All you need to do is:
-Print the documents
-Make copies for your records, scan and save everything
-Fill out the certified mail slip and send it out...

I would like to make it available online (via GNU/Open source) with a CMS like JOOMLA (as a plug-in using PHP with MySQL backend) and wiki to:

-manage the documents
-track cases
-manage dates
-create PDFs
-store our private information in a encrypted and redundant method
-provide a VOIP phone number to ensure we keep our privacy and record all communications
-ensure that all data is securely stored to prevent un-authorized access
-and anything else that would be helpful

I also have a dedicated server with plenty of bandwidth that is not being used at a secure data center to host all of this and more which I will gladly provide given that the people who want to join this project will contribute and help to build a better system.