Brisbane Jet Ski Group

Welcome to the ORIGINAL FB Forum for Jet-ski Enthusiasts across South East Queensland, rides, help and advice.

This forum remains a free resource and rides are all social among friends.

Anyone can suggest a ride and/or post into the calender or group.

We all share a passion for Jet-Skiing and we are not associated with any business. Any similarities is purely coincidental.

Private or open the ride is entirely up to you ..its your leisure time. Respect each persons right to how many can tag along or who can come.

New to the sport? No problem.

You are responsible for yourself and your actions on the water/land. Ensure you are insured appropriately and keep disputes out of the forums.

Safety first at all times !!!

We are not a club. We have no affiliates with IJSBA, AJSBA. We do not run organized events or groups Any organized events must have a permit/license as per law.

(We are stuck with Facebook using the words EVENT and members)

Group owners : Jamez & Ru

Jamez & Admins


This is a Family friendly page with Zero tolerance on Swearing or abusive language toward other members!
Please respect all members with the respect you would appreciate back!

Unwanted / Inappropriate comments will be removed by admins.

No cross posting other forums events (unless you check with an admin) and any bad behavior or bullying will result in you being removed. Includes bad posts/comments that may damage a business.

No harassing members of the public or bad behavior at ramps.

No Drama no Politics plenty of smiles and lets ride !!!

Bad behavior spoils the day for everyone and reflects badly on our sport.